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Don’s Hot Italian Sausage

Print Don’s Hot Italian Sausage   Ingredients For 7 lb lean ground pork 2 T salt 1½ T black pepper 1½ T cracked fennel seed 5 T paprika 3 T crushed chili flakes 2 T garlic powder 2 T onion … Continue reading

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Don’s Instant Breakfast Sausage

Print Don’s Instant Breakfast Sausages Author: Don   These sausages are easy to make and are delicious. As well they are much lower in saturated fat than regular breakfast sausages. I use lean ground pork that can be purchased, but I … Continue reading

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Bob’s Venison Salami

Print Bob’s Venison Salami   Bob’s Venison Salami Ingredients For every 4 pounds of Venison (caribou, moose, elk, deer, ) add 1 lb ground ham or Bacon 2 T black pepper 2 t garlic powder 2 t cayenne (or to … Continue reading

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